If you have a question about your pension, get in touch with the Plan administratrator, Capita, using this form.

Or, if you prefer to call, email, or write to them, their contact details are below.


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If you have a question about your pension, get in touch with the Plan administrator, Capita.

0345 600 2086 – if you are not yet receiving your pension
0345 600 3260 – if you are currently in receipt of a pension


Scottish & Newcastle Pension Plan
PO Box 555
Stead House

Please remember to quote your National Insurance number in any correspondence.

Who is Capita?

Capita is the Trustee-appointed administrator of the Plan. Their team deals with the day-to-day running of the Plan. This includes dealing with the members, the Company, the Trustees, pensioners and fund managers. They cannot provide financial advice to members, so if you wish to take advice on any financial matters you should contact an independent financial adviser (IFA). You can get a list of local IFAs through this website:

If a situation arises where you feel you need to make a complaint about your membership of the Plan, the Trustee Board has a formal complaint procedure known as the ‘Internal Dispute Resolution’ procedure. Click here for details.

If your complaint is not resolved to your satisfaction, you can get in touch with the Pensions Ombudsman. The Pensions Ombudsman offers a free, impartial service to pension scheme members and has legal powers to settle pensions complaints and disputes. Call 0800 917 4487.