An update on Covid-19

Please be assured that we have taken all necessary steps to ensure that we will still be able to pay and process members’ pensions during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Have you registered for our secure online portal?

It’s often quicker and easier to update your details and check your pension online, through our secure portal.

Could you help run the Plan?

Pensioners and deferred members of the Scottish & Newcastle Pension Plan are invited to apply to join the Trustee Board.


Useful links

If you would like more information about pensions in general, the following websites provide useful guidance. Please note that neither HEINEKEN nor the Trustees have any responsibility for, or liability in relation to, information provided by these external websites and services.
The website for all government services and information. Here you can find details on pension tax allowances, your State pension, and how to track down a lost pension.
If you need to find an Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) in your local area.
0800 144 8943
A free government service providing money, pensions and debt advice in one place. If you have DC pension savings, you can access the Pension Wise guidance service through MoneyHelper's website.